Monthly Archives: July 2007

How to (Nearly) Burn Out in Youth Ministry

So I came home July 20 from my last major summer trip. And I learned this lesson about how to nearly burn out in youth ministry:

- Between June 20th and July 20th spend 26 of 31 days away from home.
- Lead worship 16 times in 7 days.
- Adding in our Spain trip lead worship 26 times in 12 days.
- Spend two weeks in a row with somewhere between 45-50 junior highers.
- Be the vacant father to a beautiful pair of daughters.
- Miss your wife like crazy.

How to Survive:

- Watch three of your students get baptized at camp… 2 of them at midnight after you scale a fence around the camp pool to get in secretly with about 10 other people… so cool!
- Spend a great time in Spain with two great families I get the privilege of working with everyday.
- Spend a week serving beside junior highers in Niagara Falls on a mission trip where they start to realize the world is bigger than them.
- Spend another week leading worship with 160 students who worship harder than any adult I’ve seen in a long time.
- Walk off stage after the last song as a the crowd sings “Hallelujah” over and over and over again… even without a band.

It’s been an amazing summer. I’m trying to get back to blogging regularly. Press on dear souls, press on.

JH Niagara Falls

Well, we’re her in Niagara Falls with our Junior High mission trip. We’ve got a group of 11 people and total this week are about 45 students from all over the country–groups from California, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

It’s been great. Yesterday was our first day and our group served at a soup kitchen and did a great job. It’s really amazing to see JHers working so hard to help. They had a blast! I’ll keep you updated this week, so check back often!

Fire from Spain

Okay… so here’s the video. Mind you, a few of our teen guys had toilet papered the girls rooms, so when the fire started, they were a tad bit worried. This video’s for them.

We’re home!

We’re home!!!… almost. Well, Carrie, Pressley and I are home. We go today to get Malia and bring her home… then we’ll truly be home. Watch the next post for video footage of the fire at our hotel.