Monthly Archives: February 2008

Worship Video

Just saw this and it will probably keep me awake for the next couple of hours, so I thought I’d share.

St. Teresa and Prayer

I’m reading some interesting OLD stuff on prayer tonight for seminary. This is a quote from St. Teresa of Avila–from “The Way of Perfection” dealing with prayer:

“To recite the Paternoster [The Lord’s Prayer]… or any other petition you like, is vocal prayer. But think how harsh your music will be without what must come first; sometimes even the words will get into the wrong order. In these two kinds of prayer, with God’s help, we may accomplish something ourselves. In the contemplation which I have just described we can do nothing. It is His Majesty Who does everything; the work is His alone and far transcends human nature.”


I’ve been wrestling with this question, and wanted to see if anyone had some thoughts.

Who is your church targeting?

And follow that with:

Are they reaching who they’re targeting?

I’m just curious. I think that many times we can end up simply feeding the fat… pouring into the church-hoppers or Christians who’ve been around forever, while much of the world continues to head for Hell. I know it’s strong, but I’d just like to get your thoughts.

Fun Ride Home

Here’s video of Malia and me on our ride home tonight after church. It was a pretty rough night for us musically at church and this just kind of served to remind me that sometimes I take myself to seriously. We were letting each other know how cold it was.

ER and God

Just saw this clip on my Evangelism professor’s blog and thought it was great in approaching the spirituality we so often get today.

First Worship Weekend

Photo from Backstage

I’m backstage waiting for communion at our 9 am service. This is my first of many weekends leading worship here at the Chapel. It’s weird to not be doing youth ministry–a little sad–but exciting. I’m really praying God does a new work here in this community. I started a new blog for the arts of the church. If you get a chance check it out… I’ll be updating it regularly.

Where Have I Been?

Mainly reading and job transitioning. I’m trying to work my way out of Jr. High and into Worship ministries at our church, and it’s pretty interesting. I’m also reading a whole lot of church history stuff.

Last night though, I was here:

I’m a full-fledged Blue Man Groupie. This was my second time seeing them, and I’m always fascinated by how creative their show is–weaving themes throughout. If you ever get a chance, go see them. It’s worth every penny.