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It has been a crazy weekend! Carrie is gone in Cleveland with her family and I’ve had a worship team retreat last night and this morning, followed by the service tonight and two tomorrow. Oh… and it’s daylight savings time tonight! So when rehearsal starts at 7:30 tomorrow morning it’s going to really be 6:30. Grrr.

The retreat was great though, such a great bunch of folks to be working with. I’m definitely learning a ton through this (like what sheet music is all about!) and totally see God at work.

Pretty great weekend

Here’s some pics of our weekend. She got to meet her three heroes (the princesses) and you’d have thought she was in heaven. She also had a lot of fun feeding the animals in the petting zoo (praise God for instant germ killer!) The last one is specifically for Papaw. There’s also a picture of Malia’s new “boyfriend” Landon (in the flying ladybug).

Watch out for Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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Worship – 3/1-2

Just waiting for the last service of the weekend to start. It’s been a good weekend. It’s fascinating to me to watch as services take on their own personality over the course of the weekend. Between Saturday night, 9 am and 10:45 on Sundays, you can have and lead three completely different experiences. The challenge is to worship no matter what, and not get caught up anticipating the energy of 10:45 or wishing for the volume of Saturday nights.

All that said, I’ve been really happy this weekend. Last night was POWERFUL. Ron’s preaching on waiting this weekend and we’ve started each service with the Blues Traveler song, “Just Wait.” Last night we moved right into “40” created a big build singing “How long… to sing this song???” It was fun.

Also, Ron’s given a great message both times… with a chair on stage surrounded by what looks like fire. The guy in the chair sits during the entire message and assumes a posture of waiting… hopefully creating a little expectancy and question in the congregation itself. Below are the set lists for the weekend:

1. Just Wait – Blues Traveler
2. 40 – U2
3. You Are Worthy of My Praise
4. Saviour King
5. Here I Am to Worship
6. Jesus Paid it All
7. I Surrender All/Surrender

1. Just Wait
2. Indescribable
3. I’m Not Ashamed
4. You Are Worthy of My Praise
5. Marvelous Light
6. Jesus Paid it All
7. I Surrender All/Surrender